“Avatar” Images Online!

Source: AdvancedScreening.net

We’re definitely gearing up on the site folks and we’ll be making huge updates over the course of the week and weekend. To start you off this morning, we’ve received some amazing new photos from James Cameron’s upcoming sci-fi epic, AVATAR which has now been hyped to the absolute max. I can’t wait to see this flick but I hope I’m not disappointed when I finally see it due to all the hugely positive buzz that we’ve heard for the past year. The new images from the movie can be seen below and I have to say that the little kid in me gets so excited seeing Cameron and Sigourney Weaver back together again. So enjoy the new shots below and STAY TUNED as the official teaser trailer will be up later this morning (10am EST) and we’ll have that info up when it arrives. Enjoy!

avatarpicsaug09 (1)avatarpicsaug09 (3)avatarpicsaug09 (2)avatarpicsaug09avatarpicsaug09 (4)avatarpicsaug09 (5)


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